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Set in the South, in the 1700s, The Glass Armonica is a tale about family, revenge, murder and witchcraft.


newly edited and revised  ( previously entitle the Glass Armonica)

When a young woman with the gift of sight is faced with murder charges, she makes a devastating decision, destroying any chance for happiness.
Elizabeth Rose believes her greatest fear has come true; the villagers think she is bewitched and the music from her glass armonica can wake the dead. Thrust into a strange household where a ghostly image roams the halls, will Elizabeth's secret past get her tossed penniless onto the streets?

Philip Ablington is celibate. Madness runs in his family.  Long devoted to his wife's memory, when the enchanting Elizabeth disrupts his orderly household he is torn between feelings of betrayal and the new awakening of his desires. Will Philips self loathing destroy them both, or can Elizabeths devotion unlock his heart?



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  A Find Through Time


A Find Through Time is now available for you Nook and Kindle!!!

  4 **** STARS!  Romantic Times           

STARS!  Romantic Times           

A Find Through Time is now available for you Nook and Kindle!!!

  4 **** STARS!  Romantic Times           

STARS!  Romantic Times           
A Find Through Time is now available for you Nook and Kindle!!!

  4 **** STARS!  Romantic Times           

STARS!  Romantic Times           
A Find Through Time is now available for you Nook and Kindle!!!

  4 **** STARS!  Romantic Times           

STARS!  Romantic Times           
A Find Through Time is now available for you Nook and Kindle!!!

  4 **** STARS!  Romantic Times           

      4 **** STARS BookStar Review!

      5 *****STARS Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Positively enthralling, A FIND THROUGH TIME is an odyssey of romance and adventure, filled with fascinating and interesting characters. Meticulously crafted, this time-travel boasts well-developed plot lines that are complex but complete; at the end of this book, all Gabby's questions will be answered and all the reasons stated. Still, there is a sense of mystery and magic, and with the help of a few perfectly placed characters, the mystical quality of this story will linger in your mind long after you've read the last word.
Strong and sympathetic characters, Gabby and Two Moons will absolutely steal your heart and leave you wishing the book had been twice as long. Alas, the fate of these two is sealed in the pages of this exciting time-travel. I'll look forward to many more from Ms. Petit."
Astrid Kinn:  Romance Reviews Today

If you love time travels, please take a moment to read an excerpt from my first book A Find Through Time.

    Set in the West, this tale of American history  is a journey back to when the Native American People lived on the plains and life as they knew it would be changed forever.  I hope you find Two Moons , Roy and Gabrielle as dear to your heart as they are to mine.



My third book is now available.
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Amulet of Darkness

In his heart she was his woman.
In reality she could never be.

In a land where creatures shape-shift, a blind man sees, and where believing in your gut instinct can save a life, a Herculean hero matches wits with a beautiful huntress.

Cyrenne’s life is pledged in servitude to the deity of the forest. She believes in obeying the deities, remaining chaste and that her abilities, as a warrior, are better than any man. When she catches the attention of the Storm Deity, and refuses his offer of immortality, he punishes her by besetting fear upon her. Her comrades die when she is unable to fight. She swears she shall not return home until she proves herself worthy and she sets out on a journey of redemption.

Gareth has always hated the Upland deities. He has no use for a woman dedicated to them, and who looks better in armor than most men. He believes his gut instinct is always right, the deities are always wrong and a woman’s place is in the home, any home but his. When the spirited woman with the iron resolve saves his life, they set out on a journey that takes them through uncharted territories where love teeters on the edge of danger.

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Here is a video trailer for my latest book              
Amulet Of Darkness
now available in paperback, for your kindle,nook, Ipad and phone

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                    Behind The Mask

In the early days of war torn France both rich and poor
are thrust together, a mixed society struggling to survive.

American born Yvette McKenzie, one of the privileged few,
finds herself fleeing Paris with the mass exodus. When a
deathbed promise has her roaming the streets with a dangerous
message she learns that no one is who they seem to be and trust
is a thing of the past.

Injured when trying to save the life of one of his men,
Colonial André Rinaldo is disillusioned by a shell-shocked
country and a weak government. Persuaded to go underground
and unite his fellow compatriots, by forming resistance groups,
he meets a beautiful blonde whose determination to free France
from foreign dictatorship is as strong as his.

In the middle of espionage and clandestine rendezvous,
they form a partnership that deepens under the ever present
threat of arrest. But with America’s interest in the war building
in the background all American’s are ordered to leave.

Will Yvette return to the States, or will André persuade her
to stay and fight for love?


Some succeed because they are destined to...
most succeed because they are determined to.  


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